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Drinking juice everyday is good for health. And, as citrus fruits carry good amount of Vitamin C and minerals, they are considered beneficial to improve immune system as well. However, for that you should drink only fresh juice. And, if you extract fresh citrus juice at home then it will be much better than drinking a glass of citrus juice in the market. You can Buy Philips Citrus Juicer for 662 rs only (at 22% off) with free shipping to extract fresh citrus juicer for everyday needs.

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Vitamin C is good for health and it helps make immune system stronger. In fact, the person whose immune system is strong does not easily get seasonal infections like cold due to weather fluctuations. But you need to drink fresh juice only. If you consume stale juice or the juice made of fruits that are not fresh, rotten, etc. then instead of having good health, you may invite several diseases. So, extract fresh juice at home to ensure clean, tasty, and fresh juice. Buy Philips Citrus Juicer for fresh juice.

We keep bringing such nice deals to you to help you save money online. So, keep checking our site daily for nice offers. And, buy Philips Citrus Juicer and drink fresh juice everyday and stay healthy.This juicer from Philips is an electric juicer that makes extracting fresh juice easier and faster.It comes with a jar as well in which the extracted juice is collected. And, if you want pulp in juice, you can set the filter accordingly as well.