Privacy Policy

Our privacy policies apply only to the information collected from users as an inquiry or order. We can anytime change our privacy policies, if required, and changed privacy policies will be made available on the Privacy Policy page of the site.

Information Collection Procedure

We have not set any procedure or function to collect users’ information when they visit our website. However, it your browser’s setting is done to collect cookies etc then we shall not be responsible for the same. We have added Google Analytics in our website and therefore, this Google Analytics code may track some data from your browser like your location, time, browser type, pages you visit on our website, etc. As the functioning of Google Analytics is not in our control but under the control of Google, anything related to its function will be claimed to Google only. We shall not be responsible for anything. We have added Subscribers box on our website as well to help users stay updated with daily deals. Our purpose to collect user’s email ID and name is just to keep them updated with latest offers; nothing else; we shall not be sharing their personal data with anyone else. Anyone from any area of this world can anytime visit our site and for any period. We have no issue about the presence of a visitor on our site for hours. However, in case, any Trojan or virus attacks our site, then we shall not be liable for any discrepancies that may come to your way.

Pricing of Affiliate Sites and Pricing displayed on our site

Prices for items listed on the their respective pages are the prices when those posts are created/written. We cannot guarantee price differences on actual websites with which that post is linked. For example, if a deal is from and item price on is 555 and on our site is 525 then it is because the post is created when there was a deal running on that particular product and after the deal has ended, has revised the rates. This is just one example with one website and it should be considered for all websites linking to Final price of items will always be the one displayed on the sales website, which be flipkart, amazon, snapdeal, or any other site we have linked on the product page.

Linking with Others

We are a pure Affiliate Networking site that does provide offers from several online shopping giants via including links of third-party websites – websites for which we are, but we have no control over the policies, functioning, and terms & conditions of those websites. Therefore, we, in no case, take responsibility of those websites and activities being carried out by there. If you do not agree to our Privacy Policy, you are suggested to leave this site right away.