Review of Half Girl Friend – Read it before you Buy Half Girl Friend

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It has been almost a month – Half Girl Friend – the new novel of Chetan Bhagat is released. So far, the sale of this novel has been good and people are sharing reviews of half girl friend after reading it. As you know every Novel has something good to say about it and something bad to mention. Same is the case with half girl friend. This review of half girl friend takes you through many of such cases that cover both good and bad about Half girl friend – new novel of Chetan Bhagat.

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Review of Half Girl Friend


So far the book has been rated by 100 plus people and 500 plus people have shared their reviews for half girl friend, as you can see in the below image taken from

Review of Half Girl Friend – Read it before you Buy Half Girl Friend

An overall 4 star rating is a good parameter to put anything on a scale of good. However, you may also want to read review of half girl friend shared by its readers. Here we have collected some of the good and bad reviews from so that you can read review of half girl friend directly here and then decide to buy it or not.

Good reviews of half girl friend

Nice book

Story is good but I think its stretched unnecessarily in the end for long. But worth a read. CB fans go for it. Some might find the story Bollywood types but for me it was a fun reading experience as I have always loved reading CB’s books.

nice story

As u know that Chetan Bhagats is an fantastic writer and this book is alos soooo good
I think every one love this after read this

An unexpectedly expected story

Once more a good paperback with Mr. Bhagat’s style. Madhav Jha, a Bihari tagged (English) boy and Riya Somani, a stapled English girl with posh tag were pursuing their journey of love with some outstanding twists, that’s the story tells. Don’t be Quitter, just try…and that will make everything possible, that is the Message of that book…
But the Bhagat’s style made the book just cherry on a pastry. Too dramatic, Too expressive, full of emotions and injection of Sadness rise the book on a different level.
Read it or miss it. As a reader i can only say this.
Don’t be a quitter, be a winner..

Let us see some bad reviews with 1 star – review of half girl friend

horrible book

I am really feeling bad about purchasing this book . Hope this story gets out of my mind when i wake up tomorrow morning .

#cmpleted Half Grlfrnd in les dan 8 hours. Even superseded my own expctations

#cmpleted Half Grlfrnd in les dan 8 hours. Even superseded my own expctations

Not so good… worst novel of CB yet..

The good thing about it is that You don’t get the feeling of reading a novel….its like watching a Bollywood ghatiya movie..
And the bad thing is also the same…you don’t at all get the feel of a novel…like other cb novels had…
Novel should be a novel…not a movie script..

There is no excitement happiness or sadness because one already knows what will happen as it is a combination of. Many Bollywood movies…

But hats off to flipkart delievery .. got it on first day in mint condition..

These are a few reviews of half girl friend. However, the number of 5 star reviews at is almost 70% (including 3 to 5 stars), there are about 30% people who have rating this as 1 star or 2 star due to different reasons like the story of the novel, not receiving of signed copy, etc. Whereas negative / bad reviews are there, the percentage in comparison to good/moderate reviews is not much less. So, you may consider buying it as it is not that much costly. is offering Half girl friend for just 99 rs with free shipping so you can buy half girl friend after you have read review of half girl friend above. Click here to buy Half girl at